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Home of Space Hoppers: Singko Academy



Orbiter & Rover Games


This turn-based, competitive card game throws you into a non-stop adventure around the universe!

Welcome to Singko Academy, the coolest school in the universe. You and your crew go on space hops around the galaxy to collect souvenirs. You’ll meet new people, discover new foods, hit the beach, and maybe even fend off a few pirate attacks.

3 – 6 Players

Fast-start instructions will have you playing in minutes!

15 – 20 Minute Rounds

The action is fast and furious.

Ages 6+

Fun for the whole family.



MOB Vanguard


Quartermaster Logistics

Quartermaster Logistics

A brand-new card game system by Orbiter and Rover.

Get ready for some serious game-design fun with Slingshot! This game system packs in all the excitement and adventure of a classic RPG, but you don’t need to be a gaming guru or a mythology master to get started. In games built with the Slingshot system, players can dive right into the action, pick up the rules in no time, and enjoy the thrill of the game from the very first round!

The Slingshot system is like a chameleon, ready to adapt to any creative jungle! Whether your game world ventures into the depths of science fiction or the magical world of fantasy, craves some cute kawaii cupcakes or simply abstract geometric shapes, Slingshot has got you covered! This versatile tool is like a trusty sidekick, ready to help unleash your wildest artistic ideas and weave them into a fast-paced card game in any genre or story.

So buckle up and get ready for an adventure like no other with Slingshot!

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